Summer Programs

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Looking for some FUN SUMMER SCIENCE?!!

Kids become scientists and learn by doing the actual experiments. These programs are totally hands-on and totally participatory by each child and are conducted by our degreed professionals. 

*Programs can be conducted in a variety of setting such as: Daycare Centers, home, clubhouse, or any gathering space available.


Choose from the options below:

  • Individual Program visits

  • Host IN-PERSON half-day camp

  • Virtual Programs/Virtual Camp

See full details on our brochure (link below)

2024 Summer Brochure

Science Programs for Kids


Motivate children to investigate the natural wonders of science!

Individual Program Visits

Choose from 10 exciting programs


LIVE Insects, Arachnids, Myriapods and more are sure to thrill young entomologists! Get the facts about bugs and touch if you dare!!


Dig into this groundbreaking program to discover the characteristics of minerals and rocks and the fossils found within them! Take home a fossil!


Budding Botanists will learn the importance of plants as they sow seeds to take home! 


Blast off with rockets as you become the human launch pad in this space exploration program!

***Program is weather dependent.  If weather is not permitting, program will default to indoor Space program.


Get ENERGIZED as we explore the exciting world of light, heat, and electrical energy!


Touch real brains and eyeballs as we buzz through the nervous system!


Push and pull into our force focused experiments as we explore gravity, friction, magnets, and more!


Sensational science comes to life as we mix and separate colorful chemicals! Young scientists will make and take home their own science putty!


“TUNE IN” to the science of sound with tuning forks, palm pipes, thumb pianos and wave modulators!


Explode with laughter as we learn about volcanoes and mix chemicals to erupt them!


(max 25 students per session)

70-Minute Programs

one 70-minute program – $340

two 70-minute programs – $390

three 70-minute programs – $470

four 70-minute programs – $550

45-Minute Programs

two 45-minute programs – $345

three 45-minute programs – $375

four 45-minute programs – $405

five 45-minute programs – $435

 Program times can be adjusted. Teachers and chaperones participate free of charge and must always be present.

*travel fee may apply to certain locations

Host week-long Half-Day camp

Host “SPECTACULAR SCIENCE”- our week-long half-day Science Camp  at your facility for 5 days of hands on “edu-tainment” led by our degreed professionals! 

Campers will explore a wide range of science through hands on experiments.


Energy, Force, and Motion are the theme for the day! Campers will put their engineering skills to the test as they explore Gravity, Friction, and Magnetism. Learning about Energy will keep us energized as we experiment with sound, light, heat, electricity and so much more!


On biology day, campers will become botanists by planting seeds to grow at home and Entomologists exploring the world of bugs and why we need them. Even touch some friendly myriapods! Feeling gutsy? Touch real brains and eyes as we buzz through the nervous system!


Become Geologists and dig into the Earths’ Crust to discover rocks and the minerals that make them! Take a trip into the past by discovering real fossils to touch and take home! Explode with laughter as we learn about volcanoes and create eruptions!


Campers become aerospace engineers as they study the science of rockets! Blast off with water propulsion rockets and become a human launch pad in this space exploration program!


Robots will take over as we build, program, and test our robots using Lego WeDo™ Robotics. Learn the basics of coding by taking BeeBot® through a self-created obstacle course

Times options:

9am-12pm or 12:30pm-3:30pm (time includes 30minute brain break)

High numbers? Want to split age groups?  Book both time slots!


$150 per camper.

*Must book a minimum of 15 campers per three-hour time block. If less than 15 campers,  minimum fee of $2,250 applies

*Adult Host representative must be always present and responsible for brain brake portion.

 Email us at for more information!

          **Want to only host one day! Ask about our individual programs!


Virtual Brochure

Science Programs for Kids


Marvel at the accomplishments your students will achieve!

Virtual Programs

Can’t have visitors?  Book a virtual program or 5 for a virtual camp!

Each program includes a video lesson covering a science subject and kit per student containing 2 experiments.  Kits are individually packaged for easy distribution


$35 per class size of 25 + $6 per student kit

Program Descriptions


Students become Geologists as we dig into the layers of the Earth to explore rocks, soil, and the minerals that make them! Learn how to classify minerals by their color, luster, texture, hardness, and so much more! Erupt with excitement as we learn how sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks are formed!

Covers standards: SKE2, S3E1, S3E2, S5E1


Doing double time as students become Meteorologists & Astronomers! Delve into the ingredients of the water cycle and use scientific tools to measure types of weather. Learn the important role of our Sun as the center of our Solar System and discover if our closest star is the biggest, brightest, hottest star in the galaxy!

Covers standards: SKE1, S1E1, S2E1/2, S4E1/2/3/4


Master Chemistry as we investigate matter and conduct experiments to determine physical and chemical changes. Put your skills to the test as we classify objects according to their properties.

Covers standards: S2P1, S5P1


Hear the world around us through the ears of a Physicist as we discover the Sound of Energy and power of Forces! Experiment with magnets, balanced & unbalanced forces, and see what happens to light that is blocked, bounced, & bent! 

Covers standards: SKP2, S1P1, S1P2, S2P2, S4P1/2/3

Biology younger (gr.1-3): LIVING LIFE CYCLES!

A Biology introduction to living things! Learn about Living and Once Living organisms as we compare the needs of plants and animals. Observe the life cycle of moms and babies and even watch our LIVE BUGS as they creep across the screen!

Covers standards: SKL1, SKL2, S1L1, S2L1

Biology Older (gr.4-8): ORGANIZING ORGANISMS

Is it a snake, a worm, or maybe a larvae?! Students will explore the world of living things as we learn how to organize organisms both macro and micro. Then Find out the truth behind bacteria and if the turtle acquired his shell  or inherited it through genetics.

S5L1, S5L2, S5L4

Science Programs for Kids


Involve students by becoming REAL scientists performing REAL experiments!

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